Our Servants

Jonathan Jenkins

Minister for Rockledge church of Christ

Jonathan Jenkins began in ministry in 1994. He is a graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching and Freed-Hardeman University. His ministry has included works in Mississippi, Georgia, and Texas. He has authored two books, “God’s Prophetic Spirit” and “Becoming God’s Friend.” He is married to Julie Jenkins, his childhood sweetheart. Together they have 3 children: Austin, Andrew & Amanda. Amanda is married to Manny Benezra and has provided three grandchildren for Jonathan and Julie. Jonathan’s love for the word was influenced by the long line of preachers in his family. While he began his schooling with a focus on Computer Sciences at Freed Hardeman University, his love for teaching others about Christ became a stronger pull for his future. It was at this time he enrolled as a student at Memphis School of Preaching. He is also co-founder of Digital Bible Study (http://www.digitalbiblestudy.org). The service provides free livestreaming Bible studies, podcasts, and articles addressing a wide variety of spiritual topics.

Andy Bonner

Office Administrator

Andy became a Christian when he was baptized into Christ at the age of 12. After graduating from high school, Andy attended Faulkner University and graduated with a B.A. in Math. Andy moved to Florida to start a family and career. Andy is the proud father of four children. In his career, Andy started as a high school math teacher. After three years of teaching, he decided to go into business. Andy has worked in varied positions including assistant store manager, store manager and stock broker. He is happy to be working for the church as the office administrator.

Tom Breakfield

Rockledge church of Christ Shepherd

Paul Thomas Breakfield III (Tom) was born in Nashville, TN, in 1940, the son of Paul T. Breakfield, Jr. and Katie Hunt Breakfield, and attended secondary schools in Tennessee and Florida.  Tom was baptized by his father in Jacksonville, FL, in 1952. He received the BA degree in Math, Physics and Bible from Lipscomb University in 1962, and was married to Lois Moreland that same year.  Lois and Tom have two sons (Tom IV and Rob), and three grandchildren (Quinn, Sammie and Raegan), who are the light of their lives. Tom worked in civil, mechanical and structural engineering before beginning his 35 year career with NASA in 1964, serving in various engineering disciplines and positions, including Deputy Director, Shuttle Engineering; Director, Payload Flight Operations, and retiring in 1999 as Director of Safety and Mission Assurance.  Tom oversees our Missions, Out-reach/In-reach, Administration and Facilities ministries.

Gerald Gregory

Rockledge church of Christ Shepherd

Gerald is originally from California and joined the Navy after high school. He met his wife Lois while stationed in Virginia Beach, Va. They were married in 1982 and moved to Groton, Ct. The Navy sent them to stations all along the east coast including Cape Canaveral, Fl. When his military commitment was completed Gerald and Lois remained in Florida raising two sons, both now grown and living in Nashville, Tn. Gerald and Lois are blessed with a sweet daughter-in-law and two beautiful granddaughters. Over the past 29 years they have worshipped and served at the Rockledge Church of Christ and look forward to continuing in the Lord's service.


Leon N. Hester

Rockledge church of Christ Shepherd

Lee obeyed the gospel in 1951. He entered the USAF 6 December 1957. He married Marjorie on 1 August 1958. Later that year, Marge was baptized. For 23 years, he had many assignments throughout the world. In 1980, he retired and made Melbourne their home. He has 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Since leaving the USAF, he has managed retail business, is a real estate broker, has a home repair business, been a long haul trucker and established an international company that manufactures water ski equipment for the disabled.

He has been involved with many churches in different parts of the country, many congregations with and without elders.

Ken Pederson


Ken has had several jobs over the years - Drug Store Installer, Drummer, Paint Store Manager, Flooring & Ceiling Installer, Artist, Art Gallery Owner, School Bus Driver, & Substitute Teacher Grades K-12. He has worked for the Bell System and various Contract companies as Telephone Splicer, Lineman, Installer, Repairman, Field Engineer, & Sr. Design Engineer.

Ken was baptized March 8, 1959 at the age of ten. He started working with the teens while a teen himself. He married Cecilia in 1969. Ken began song leading in his twenties. When Ken was thirty years old, he and Cecilia were one of seven founding families of Palm Lakes Church of Christ. By then Ken and Cecilia had two sons. A few years later they moved to Denver. He served as song leader, Deacon, and Elder for the Englewood Church of Christ for most of the twenty nine years they were there. By taking night classes for five years, Ken was finally able to receive an Assoc. of Arts degree.

Adam Pederson


Adam obeyed the gospel in March of 1985. He is an aerospace engineer with 20 years of experience touching almost every aspect of the aerospace field, with a brief foray into entrepreneurship in the health care industry, but mostly focused on space operations and space launch. He has lived in cities and worshiped in congregations around the country, from Denver to Seattle, and from Philly to Central Florida, most recently making his home in Suntree since late 2012. Adam and his wife Amy were married in 2001, and they have 2 daughters. He has served as a deacon at Rockledge since June of 2014, overseeing the order of worship and activities for youth, and is learning the ropes of church finance.


Stanley E. Perry Jr.


Born in Nashville, TN, lived in Okinawa, Japan (his father was in USAF), eventually stationed in Homestead, FL where Stan attended school and graduated from South Dade HS. He enlisted in the US Navy Nuclear field, attended college while enlisted in CA.

He was hired on at the FPL Nuclear site in Homestead in 1985. He continues to work for FPL. He loves the outdoors, favorite activity is swimming. He became a Christian when he was twelve at Homestead Church of Christ and has been a member throughout his life at various congregations due to transfers in the workplace.

In 1984 he married Karen L. Perry and they have one son, Joshua Perry (Gainesville, FL).

Dave Hendricks


Dave obeyed the gospel January 1, 1950. He and his wife Margaret were married August 31, 1958. They have two children and four grandchildren. Dave is a retired Missle Systems Engineer and particpated in over 40 launches during 50 years. He developed the Shuttle Payload Data Systems and the Hospital Information Systems for Wuesthoff Hospital. Some of his hobbies are Photography, Carpentry, and all things having to do with computers.

Before coming to Rockledge, Dave served as a deacon at the Central church of Christ for twenty years and an elder for eight years.

Our Mission

The mission of the Rockledge church of Christ is: To build up the church both locally and worldwide through evangelism, education, and edification. Our Mission - evangelism, education, and edificationWe believe evangelism, education, and edification to be the key components to reaching the lost and to the building up of the church. These are key elements to the growth of the church, as seen in the God's Word, and are elements that Jesus and the apostles both taught as being very important to our spiritual lives. Let's look at these three more closely to see just how they provide for the growth of the church.



When we hear the word evangelism we usually begin thinking about preaching, and this would not be an incorrect thought. However, evangelism does not only include preaching. Evangelizing can entail most any effort used to bring a lost soul to Christ. For one person, it may be preaching or teaching, but for another it may be providing a meal to someone who is unable to prepare one for themselves. For yet another person, it may be reaching out to the poor, the sick, or the broken to meet a need. There are many ways that we can evangelize the gospel to the lost.

Throughout the life of Jesus we see Him preaching, we see Him showing compassion to the poor, the sick, and the lame, and we see Him extending hope to the sinner. Through these avenues, Jesus had great success in getting His message to those whom He came in contact with. By following His example, we too can be successful in evangelizing the good news of Jesus to those we come in contact with.

There are several approaches that we, here at Rockledge, use in an effort to reach the lost with the good news of Jesus. We have various home Bible studies throughout the week that provide a more personable atmosphere for learning and discussing. These make for great opportunities to bring a friend along as the environment is more like an interactive discussion among friends rather than a formal time of worship. We also host gospel meetings, topical seminars, a Vacation Bible School (VBS), and other such activities throughout the year which again gives us an opportunity to bring friends to hear a solid message, but in a gentler format. Our teens' and children's programs also provide active opportunities for families to get involved. Finally, the Rockledge church has done much to reach out to those within our church and within our community who need help, whether it be helping to pay bills, provide groceries, provide home care, or any other way that we can show we care.


Biblical education is absolutely crucial to the spiritual well-being of the Lord's church and its individual members. The Psalmist wrote, in Psalm 119:11, "Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You." Education is something we take seriously, and we have worked to piece together education plans for both our adults and our teenagers. These plans are designed to meet the spiritual needs of these groups, respectively, as they each have different needs at these different stages of life. These plans are multi-year plans that cover both Bible-book studies as well as topical studies. Our young children's classes are broken up by age group and grade level, where they receive the basic teaching on Bible stories and key Christian principles. With each grade level, the intensity of these subjects increase to help them grow into mature Christian teenagers.

We also recognize the need for an introductory class to basic Christian principles for our new Christians. We usually offer such a class about one quarter out of each year, or as new Christians may demand. We have found these to be great ways to help our young-in-the-faith brothers and sisters to ask questions and discuss the core topics of Christian faith, worship, and living.


Jesus made it clear to us that following Him would not always be an easy road (Matthew 10:16-39). As such, it is important for us to always be in the business of lifting one another up, encouraging one another (I Thessalonians 5:11), and stimulating one another to good deeds (Hebrews 10:24). The only way we can do this effectively is by involving ourselves with one another and being together as often as possible. We come together every first day of the week to worship God and to edify one another.

We try to make our worship as meaningful as possible, first and foremost to God, and second to one another. Our singing includes a mix of the timeless hymns, with their deep spiritual teaching, and the newer aged praise songs, with their uplifting spirit. We pray for one another, share in the communion to commemorate our Lord and Savior together, and are educated and edified through messages preached from God's Holy Word. We also come together on Wednesdays, right in the middle of the week, to study God's Word together and to recharge our spiritual batteries.

Aside from the regular meeting times, as mentioned earlier, we have various home Bible studies where we have an opportunity to fellowship and discuss spiritual things. We also have, what we call, Monday Nights For The Master where some brethren come together to write cards to those with birthdays and anniversaries, to those who are sick, and to those who recently visited with us. Once a month, the men of the church meet up for breakfast together and the ladies have regularly scheduled Ladies' Night Out.

Our teenagers and the families of our young children also have regular get-togethers, outings, devotionals, Bible studies, and more to promote spiritual growth and well-being.

These times of fellowship are invaluable to us as a church and individually. We hope that you will come join us, edify, and be edified!

Ministries and Missions

Get Involved!
We have many ministry opportunities below that the Rockledge Church of Christ focuses on.  This list is quite extensive and encompasses a large array of needs and talents.  As such, anyone can be involved.  God has blessed us all with some talent or skill and there's a great need for you to exercise your God-given talents here and throughout the community.

If you see an area to the that you feel you could contribute to, please inform one of the deacons and we'll get you involved! 

Worldwide Missionaries 
 The purpose of our worldwide missions is to help spread the message of salvation, save souls, and grow the body of Christ beyond the borders of our own country.

Supported foreign mission works:
Sunset International Bible Institute Instructor: Charles Speer
Haiti: Arnold Garcon
Zimbabwe: Campion Mugweni
Palau: Joey Treat
Jerusalem: Raji Stephan

Opportunities for service
 Our various service ministries provide our members with many different areas in which to serve. As all members of the body of Christ have different functions, we see to it that our members have plenty of places to exercise their spiritual gifts.

Benevolence Ministry
To help meet the physical needs of those in our church family, in the community, and abroad.

Building and Grounds
This area of service includes the care and maintenance of the building and property.

Building and Grounds workers

Education Ministry
Sustain an ongoing educational program, with an effective curriculum that encourages spiritual and numerical growth.

To seek and to save the lost. We work through Bible studies, instruction, and encouragement to help each member of the Rockledge family to develop an evangelistic mindset and to understand the importance of going out and spreading the gospel.

Fellowship Ministry
To maintain and expand a ministry setting that challenges the spiritual gifts of the entire family in many diverse areas. We recognize, from the example of the first-century church, that church fellowship is the crux of creating the family environment that God intended for His people to have. With many times of fellowship we hope to achieve a very high percentage of consistent involvement of the family in all of our ministries.

Building and Grounds workers

Building and Grounds workers

Information - Prayer Line Ministry
To inform the church of prayer requests, ill members or other important information, in a rapid and effective manner.

Home Bible Study Groups
The purpose of the home Bible study groups is five fold:

  1. To study God’s word in an unthreatening environment. This will allow people to open up and share with others what they are feeling and thinking.
  2. To meet the needs of others.
  3. To provide a biblical pattern for evangelism.
  4. To develop leadership skills.
  5. To give the shepherds an avenue of getting to know the flock better. 

In-Reach Ministries
To provide for the internal needs of the congregation

Out-Reach Ministry
To attract visitors to our services and to turn visitors into members

Transportation Ministry
To provide for transportation in support of church activities and members’ physical needs as required. This includes responsibility for church owned vehicles, and coordinating and assuring transportation availability when needed.

Worship Ministry
To schedule men needed to conduct the public worship services in a timely and effective manner and others to prepare communion, etc.

Children's Ministry
To provide spiritual and fellowship activities/Bible lessons that will help our children grow in knowledge and service to the Lord. For more information on our Youth Group visit our Youth Ministries page.

Youth Group
To provide spiritual and fellowship activities/Bible lessons that will help our teenagers grow in knowledge and service to the Lord. For more information on our Youth Group visit our Youth Ministries page.

Finance Ministry
To assure that the finances of the church at Rockledge are maintained in a professional and fiscally sound manner, with accurate records; and to assure that a sound budget is provided to the congregation that provides for the needs of the congregation and supports the programs of work as approved by the elders.